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Tips for Starting a Book Club

Are you a book lover that would like to share your joy of reading with others? Starting a book club may be the answer to your dreams. If you’re new to an area, it may be difficult to find an existing book club. Generally not advertised, existing book clubs tend to hang on to their members for years and years. Follow these recommendations from seasoned book club members to start your own book club.

There are many, many formats for book clubs today. Generally, there is a member that serves to organize and keep track of the books read and in a que to read. Set up a social media page for your book club and notify members of upcoming books and meeting dates. It’s also a great place to post fun pictures of book club meetings. Many book clubs meet in member’s homes. Generally, the member hosting the club will provide drinks and snacks. Keeping the book club at a maximum of twelve members will mean that meetings can be held in members’ homes.  This generally lends itself to a very relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to fellowship and vibrant discussion.

There are as many genres of books as there are book clubs. Often, the book club member that offers to host the meeting will make the selection of the book for the members to read that month. Many books have discussion questions following the epilogue. It’s informative when the host does a bit of research on the author and shares it with the members. This will give a greater insight on the book under discussion. One option in deciding which books to read is to designate certain books to certain genres. Do you want to re-read a classic that didn’t really resonate with you in high school? Your club could designate one month for classic literature. You could designate another month for biography and yet another for historical fiction, etc. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the deals Amazon offers on books.

Keep a running log of books read and the dates and well as contact information for all members. Best of luck to you in developing a book club that will bring joy to its members for years to come!